Skirt and Ruffle Generators

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Generators versionsSkirt and Ruffle generators are available in 3 versions. The first version was not more than a simple box. It rezzes the panels, you need to select them and link them manually.  The version 2 have a console that has a yellow LINK button, the version 3 generators will link automatically. Most generators packs have one or more scripts to create a panel and a generator to make the skirt/ruffle with the panel(s). Some generator packs have 2 generators: one to create a rose, a tuft or a fur ball and one to make a skirt with that item.

The console with the buttons is not the actual generator. When you hit the GO button a pose stand will be rezzed, or, in rare cases, a red tray, cylinder, or ball.

Simple generatorThen there is the most simple generator of all, its a console with only one button. In this generator you simply drop a prim of your own and hit the go button. It will ask for permissions and build the desired item or items. No scripts are needed and no pose stand is rezzed on this kind of generator.


In ALL generator packs the following are important:

  • Never rename the panels made with the scripts!!!
  • Never rotate the generator.
  • Always check the panel before you drop it in the generator – is it transfer to you = OK if its not check if there is a script left in the content or if you have used full perm textures.

Sometimes you follow all instructions and still things go wrong. On the page Problem solving Skirt and Ruffle Generators you might find the solution to your problem.


Here is a list with all kind of tutorials, check which one looks most like the pack you have. It is not hard, but different skirts and ruffles need different approaches. Once you get the principal you will be able to help new comers to use them!!!